Pilot Training and Practice Navigation Simulation – Onne Port

Provide, in a CARES ship-handling
specialist-controlled training environment,
a 4-day Training & Practice ship-handling
Navigation Simulation Study (November
2020) for two Nigerian Port Authority (NPA)
pilots from the port of Onne.

Project start: Oct 2020
Project completion: Dec 2020
Sectors: Maritime
Project location: Onne Port, Nigeria

CARES Maritime was commissioned to:
Enable 2 NPA pilots – and witnessed by the Harbour
Master port of Onne – the opportunity to be trained,
practice and demonstrate ship-handling manoeuvres
under differing environmental and operational
Key Objectives
• To focus on access to and from the West Africa
Container Terminal (WACT), Onne for a c300m length
overall (LOA) and c48m beam vessel at 2 key Areas of
Interest, namely:
• A series of bends between Buoys 40 and 48 in
the Bonny River.
• The vessel transfer from the Port Harcourt
Channel via the Onne Approach and Entrance
Channels to the port of Onne
• To practice and train vessel manoeuvres for:
• Berthing port side to at the WACT berths 7/8.
• Departing via the Turning Circle opposite WACT
7/8 berths.
• To expose and as required offer ship-handling and
tug effect advice for the safe passage of the vessel.
• To provide additional ship-handling evaluation
considerations as required.

• Provide: A 4-day Navigation Simulation Study (Training & Practice) project. • Provide: Conduct the simulation at a Full Mission Bridge Simulator capability • Create: A bespoke Run Scenario training package, structured around previously proven environmental and operational Baseline Statements. • Design and Plan: A Scheme of Work to meet the project aim and objectives and design/outline the conduct of the simulation. • Training: Provide ship-handling practice, advice, feedback and assessments to 2 NPA pilots in conducting and executing arrival and departure tanker manoeuvres. • Highlight: Base the performance on key standard and port specific ship-handling techniques and procedures. • Provide: A fully comprehensive Final Training & Practice written report to highlight the project observations, findings and pragmatic ship-handling prompts.

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