Reintegration and Recovery Program

Engineering Survey Works of Lowland Irrigation Systems: Zleh & Kanweaken Towns

Project start: Sep 2020
Project completion: Oct 2020
Sectors: Water Resources
Project location: Liberia

The Reintegration and Recovery Program in the Southeast of Liberia is a development programme of the Republic of Liberia, co-financed by the Federal Republic of Germany through the German Development Bank (KfW) and implemented by Welthungerhilfe in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MoFDP), the Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). The scope of the programme includes the rehabilitation of two existing irrigation systems: Zleh Lowland Irrigation System in Grand Gedeh County and Kanweaken Lowland Irrigation System in River County, with the objective of improving the irrigation facilities and increasing agriculture productivity of the beneficiary farmers.

CARES undertook detailed engineering survey works of the two project sites, using two teams. A reconnaissance and desk study was completed to plan the work and construct pillars. Static controls and levelling runs established permanent reference elevations for the key structures, including the headwall of the dam(s) and check-gate(s). Real Time Kinematic Survey methods were used for the detailed topographical surveys of the roads, natural and artificial structures to produce a 20 x 20m grid of the irrigable areas. A cadastral survey of plot boundaries used a senior member of the community to provide information on the existing boundaries, owner information, crops, years of cultivation etc, which were presented in a GIS-ready format. Cross-sectional surveys were completed and maps, drawings and reports produced for the client for the detailed design phase.

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