Supervision of Fatala River Hydrographic Survey

Developing a Navigational Channel for the Safe Export of Bauxite

Project start: Dec 2019
Project completion: Feb 2020
Sectors: Maritime
Project location: Supervision of Fatala River Hydrographic Survey

Due to the Fatala River’s increasing importance for the economy of Guinea, La Société de Gestion Fluviale (SGF) have entered into agreement with the Agence Nationale d’Aménagement des Infrastructures Minières (ANAIM) to dredge a navigational channel in the Fatala River to reduce tidal restrictions and improve the safety of navigation. Consequently, CARES were appointed to assure the integrity of survey works and calculate the dredging volumes.
CARES Client Representative supervised the hydrographic survey to ensure that Quality Control (QC) and procedures were acceptable.
CARES completed volume calculations based upon the survey data and navigational channel design and also produced bathymetric charts.
CARES services provided the Client a fair and objective representation on site and ensured the timely delivery of reliable data, which is critical for establishing confidence in contract measurement methods for safety of navigation and payment purposes.

• Client Representative / Site Supervision • Quality Control (QC) / Quality Assurance (QA) • Dredging Volume Calculations • Bathymetric Chart Production

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